Hi, I’m a UX & Solution Designer

I love analysing human behaviour and designing digital solutions to everyday problems. I get to the root of any problem and spot opportunities to make complex simple. I research, plan, prioritise, prototype, test and iterate by following lean UX. My areas of specialty are software UX, redesigns of complex apps and MVPs.

Turning a confusing form into an intuitive multi step wizard

A leading broadcaster was building an application to track content coming into the business. The app was going to replace manual processes, clunky tools and be a one stop shop to manage content delivery. I joined the team at MVP stage when some development work was done but the users couldn’t make sense of the… Continue reading Turning a confusing form into an intuitive multi step wizard

Designing a web app from scratch – to launch in 8 weeks

A British broadcaster decided to launch a trial customer portal as part of a new self-serve offering. The application would allows businesses to purchase ad space on digital platforms. I was tasked to lead the UX, working alongside a product manager, product owner, market researcher, visual designer and developers. Our goal was to bring the product… Continue reading Designing a web app from scratch – to launch in 8 weeks

Discovery research for an employee portal

A client with over 6K employees needed a HR portal, a “one stop place for all HR colleagues”. It was a one line brief, and my task was to uncover what issues the portal could address and propose a potential solution. I found out the organisation had 18 websites managed by 8 HR departments and… Continue reading Discovery research for an employee portal

Redesigning an enterprise software

A leading broadcaster needed to rebuild one of their legacy software, which was built on a technology they could no longer support. I joined the client product team to lead the UX, and design a modern, intuitive web-based app. Being on the front lines over 3 months, I worked alongside with the users, business and developers,… Continue reading Redesigning an enterprise software


Knowledge Hub is the digital collaboration platform for global public service. 300K users across 200 local government departments are able to post to discussion forums, join groups, write blogs and share documents within their network. The platform was being upgraded to a modern version with a new design and I joined in to plan and moderate formal user testing on the beta site… Continue reading KnowledgeHub


I designed two new feature concepts for Citymapper: “Making Istanbul Usable” and “Scheduled Trips”, as personal projects. PROJECT 1: MAKING ISTANBUL USABLE It all started when I heard that Citymapper is considering launching the app in Istanbul – my hometown which got me really excited. I started a research in Istanbul to find out about the current competition in the… Continue reading Citymapper