Discovery research for an employee portal

A media client with over 6000 employees needed a HR portal, a “one stop place for all HR colleagues and employees”.

It was a one line brief, and my task was to uncover what issues the portal could address and propose a potential solution. I found out the organisation had 18 websites managed by 8 HR departments and 4 main user groups with different goals. We had to look beyond the scope in the project brief, in order to solve the problem really well.

  • Interviewed 19 stakeholders and users to find out why there is a need for a new platform and what problems the new portal needs to address
  • Synthesised research through affinity mapping, mental models and captured the big picture along with potential ways we can address the problems
  • Identified a more user friendly way of organising the information and proposed an IA direction
  • Proposed a 3 phase solution to address user needs
  • Prepared a presentation to reflect back research findings to stakeholders in a clear, structured way
  • Designed low fidelity wireframes for the proposal

I was the lead UX Researcher, with support from a Junior Researcher and a Creative Director.

The research findings received very positive response from project stakeholders. It brought up buried issues and gave a zoomed out view on touch-points and systems that contribute to the issues employees and HR colleagues face.

A comprehensive case study is available to talk through in person.