PhyisoLab is a collaboration and innovation app for physiotherapists that I designed from scratch in 7 days by following Agile UX, for studies.

For this project I was challenged to identify a problem in a user’s – my friend Leith’s –  daily life and design an app that can help solve it.

Through research I discovered that he found his profession in physiotherapy unfulfilling because he had many years of experience but he was not able to try new treatment methods and contribute. If I could make it easier for him collaborate with other practitioners and measure the success of his proposed treatments, he could drive innovation in physiotheraphy and in return, find fulfilment in his profession.

Process & Methods

  • User research
  • Storyboarding
  • Need finding via concept mapping
  • Participatory design
  • User flows
  • Paper and Digital Prototyping (Sketch, Marvel)
  • User Testing
  • Brand Identity
  • Mood Board & Style Guides
  • Typography
  • UI / Visual Design


PhysioLab allows physiotherapists to create innovative treatment plans and contribute to other treatments by registering patient results. It is designed to encourage innovation and help experienced physiotherapists gain recognition in their field. The brand conveys professionalism, confidence, and courage.


PhysioLAB Storyboard

Need Finding via Concept Map.png

Identifying a User Problem

User Flow v4.PNG

User Flow for 2 Main Goals

Photo - Work in Progress.jpg

Paper Prototyping for Rapid Iterations


Working on Brand Identity, Icons, Mood Board, Style Guide

WhatsApp-Image-20160728 (4).jpeg

Visual Design – Testing Brand Identity

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 23.10.48.png

Final Mockups

See the case study to read more about the process.

case study     prototype